Seminar: ‘New Perspectives in Mediterranean History’ (Oxford, 2017)

New Perspectives in Mediterranean History - Trinity 2017


The following seminars will take place at 11:15am on Mondays in the Old Common Room, Balliol College, unless otherwise noted.


Sir Noel Malcolm (All Souls)

Week 1 (24 April): ‘Tracking a transnational family in the sixteenth-century Mediterranean world: the Brunis and the Brutis’


Dr Elizabeth Key Fowden (Cambridge)

Week 2 (1 May):  ‘Plato’s throne and Solomon’s temple: Graeco-Islamic historical imagination in Ottoman Athens’


Mr Nenad Filipović (Oriental Institute, Sarajevo)

Week 3 (8 May):  ‘ ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore: An attempt at a microhistorical reading of an early 16th-century Ottoman petition’


Dr Hannah Skoda (St John’s)

Week 4 (15 May): ‘ “His master’s chattel in matters superadded to nature, though in nature things all are equal” (Aquinas). Towards a legal anthropology of late medieval slavery’


Professor Marilyn Booth (Magdalen)response from Dr Christina De Bellaigue (Exeter)

Week 5 (22 May):  ‘Girlhood translated? Reading Fénelon’s Traité de l’éducation des filles (1687) in twentieth-century Egypt’


Dr Cecilia Tarruell (History/TORCH)

Week 6 (29 May): ‘Beyond exclusion: Migrations from the Islamic world to the Spanish Empire in the 16th and 17th centuries’


Dr Cesare Santus (L’école française de Rome)

Week 7 (5 June): ‘Forbidden contacts: Catholic and Orthodox Christians in the Ottoman Empire (17th-18th centuries)’

This seminar is co-sponsored by the Maison française d’Oxford, the Early Modern Catholicism Network, and l’École française de Rome.


Professor Stephen Davis (Yale)

Week 8 (12 June):  ‘At the periphery of texts, at the center of textual heritage: A study of Christian Arabic manuscripts at the Monastery of the Syrians in Egypt’


Professor Ali Yaycioğlu (Stanford), with response from Professor Marc Baer (LSE)

Week 8 (15 June):  ‘Partners of the Empire and the Formation of a State-Society: Rethinking the Ottoman Order in the 18th and 19th centuries’

(NB. This seminar will take place in the New Powell Room at Somerville College, and it is convened by Prof J Innes and Dr J-P Ghobrial.)


This seminar is supported by funding from the Programme in Eastern Mediterranean Studies in the History Faculty.  Convenor: Dr J-P Ghobrial (

A PDF of the seminar programme can be downloaded here.

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